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Saint Nicholas Day

In Poland we celebrate Saint Nicholas Day on the 6th of December. That's when kids get ther presents from Santa. Julia wrote a letter to Santa and drew picture of scooter, small car and her favourite cartoon 'Charlie and Lola'. She left the letter in our back garden and the following morning before going to nursery she checked if it was still there. She was very excited when Santa collected her letter. On the 6th of December Julia woke us up by walking into our bedroom and asking us to go and see what's in her room. There on the floor were presents from Santa! She started unwrapping starting with the smallest ones - she got books, stickers, 'Charlie and Lola' DVD and inside the largest box was a 'Groovy Chick' scooter! Since then she's riding it everywhere including inside the house and to nursey and back :)

Summer 2008 - cute photos of Julia

We all went for a picnic to Hyde Park.

Julia with her best friend Nel playing

Winter 2007/8
Świeradów Zdrój - New Years Eve in Poland


Walk to the Kamienczyk Waterfall


Lots of gifts...


Summer 2007 in London


Julia & Julia :)


Aunt Monika


Short Holiday with mum in Poland


Spring 2007