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On the 27th of April our family will get bigger.
We know it will be a girl - Julia.


Ania is joking that Julia's nose is just like Adam's.




 That's what we look like in the 31st week of our pregnancy.



Apart from a small collection of baby clothes and few bits and pieces we have bought Julia's first vehicle - a very smart pram that transforms into a pushchair.

Before the pram is actually transformed, some needed a bit of help from instruction manual, hahaha...


The cot is ready for our baby.


On the 24th of April 2005 at 9.42am our baby Julia was born.

We are very happy parents now.

Julia's 1st month:

Few short movies:
Fifth (she knew where to look for it ;)
Sixth (all sounds are made by our daughter :)


Julia's 2nd month:

We celebrated Ania's 30th birthday here - picnic in the park.


Julia's 3rd month


And one short video clip.


Julia's 4th month, which she spent in Poland:

And two short video clips:

Julia's 5th month



Julia's 6th month


Julia's 7th month


Julia's 8th month

Julia's 9th month


Julia's 10th month

Julia's 11th month


Julia's 12th month



Her first birthday