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Max at childminders

Photos are listed in chronological order - the newest are always on top.

Max's 2nd birthday

He's a very happy and cheeky boy - he puts a smile on everyone's face just by being near them.

So far our bets are on Max becoming car mechanic or aeroplane engineer - any car, bus, motorbike or plane will not go unnoticed.

Max enjoys riding his (three wheeled) bike, but more than that he loves riding on the seat at the back of our bike. He's also got very close to Alice (or as he calls her Alol) - these two are definitely the bestest friends :)

Max Loves reading books (about cars, trains and motorbikes) and playing with small cars. He very much loves water, whether it's a swimming pool or a bath tub. Ania takes him for swimming classes every Monday. He absolutely adores Julia and they love playing together.